Know what you are buying before you spend the cash.

We are inundated with information, propaganda, and opinions. Confusing! I don’t wear the same size pants as my neighbor nor does my anatomy/physiology match the person down the street. Purchasing off the shelf is still a shot in the dark and an entirely antiquated approach in the purchasing of a new or used road, tri, cross, and mountain bike.

Hamstring and lower back flexibility play a significant role in the optimized torso angle on the bike. This greatly affects the distance from greater trochanter (hip) to wrist and the effective angle central to the shoulder. This is an important measurement as it determines total reach and what becomes acceptable when looking at top tube length and head tube lengths.

Can flexibility be increased and posture change? Absolutely, knowing the parameters from which a bike is purchased a certain amount of anticipation for growth with the bike should be taken into consideration. If a job is well done a working athlete should have the freedom to grow with the bike and not grow out of it.

The use of a Size Cycle is very important for a number of reasons. Most importantly it focuses on the position and not the bike. This system also offers quick adjustments for immediate feedback saving everyone valuable time and effort. Once we have identified the three points of contact specific to the rider measurements are taken to ensure absolute replication. With this information as a template finding a bike manufacturer, bike category, frame size, and available adjustability a frame can be found.

John R. Huenink
Cycling Professional